​Public Speaking & Press

Sept 2023 -   Q&A "Comment éviter le piège raciste de la fantasy ?"

Shared my research on ethnic & cultural diversity representation in the Fantasy genre, interviewed by Thaïs Arias on: "How to avoid the racist trap of the Fantasy genre?"

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Nov 2022 -  Game Diversity 101: A starter kit for students and recent graduates  

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Dec 2021 - Arcadia Night 2021
"An evening of online micro-talks and discussions from leading game designers and thinkers from across the industry." Co-hosted event, responsible for Q&A section. 

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May 2021 - Contributed to an InGAME Insights Collaborative Commission.
I shared the influence that the game Lemmings had on my life with Susie Buchan and Erin Farley for their InGAME Insights Collaborative Commission, published on Creative Dundee.

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Nov 2021 - Game Jobs Live Virtual event
Asked to represent the Game Design and Production course at the event during the " "How to get into the Games Industry 👾 Game Career Advice from Experts and Game Developers" live. 

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Nov 2021 - Biome Collective & SR:D
Arcadia presents interlace.
"Conversations between fashion, games and digital art". Co-hosted event, responsible for Q&A section. 

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Apr 2021 - Blog: Why Don’t We Have More Art & Game Jams?  
"I dream of an Art & Game jam where game designers could, in the span of a week, help artists to turn their vision into something interactive." 

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Mar 2021 - Creative Dundee. Split Screen: Laura McSorley & Safya Devautour
"On Split Screen, two people from different backgrounds who are part of creative life in Dundee interview each other." 
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Dec 2019 - Conducted an interview with The Courier.
"ABERTAY UNIVERSITY: Why the Dundee institution is about more than computer games as it celebrates 25 years"

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Jan 2019 - ''Diversity in Design, Diverse Designers".

In 2nd Year of University , I had the honour to be asked to be the first ever student speaker for the "Platform" Weave event

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