Project Arachne - Hybris or Heartbreak? (2021)

"Play as Arachne, the spider, and explore where you used to live. As you discover your world in a whole new perspective, you will piece together your memories and weave a picture of whom you used to be." 

'Hubris or Heartbreak?' was an attempt at reinterpreting the myth of Arachne and part of Medusa myth with a modern spin and a focus on criticising the violent misogyny of the original tales. This project attempts to provide an optimistic take on the metamorphosis theme, praising women power and mental strength. This project was also an environmental storytelling experiment designed without dialogues as a personal challenge. This was a solo project.  

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Budding Up (2021)

Budding up is an online two-player gardening mobile game about communicating your emotions.

Developed in collaboration with Interreg I2I and InGame International, Budding Up was designed to combat social isolation by letting players from around the world form connections nonverbally. Aimed at audiences in the UK and Chinese market, Budding Up lets players express and work through their emotions by planting flowers in a relaxing gardening game. My role was Game producer and Team Lead with some design responsibilities. 

Play​​​​​​​​ the game

Exoria (2019)

“An archipelago of mystery and adventure, inspire a god to return and show them your worth. Unlock the secrets of the world with your angry companion and discover the truth of the world’s lost tribes.” 

Exoria is an adventure puzzle game set on an archipelago with a rich backstory and mythology. This vertical slice was developed for a 2nd Year module at Abertay University. It won 1st place Game Development World Championship, Fan Favorite, week 16, 2019 (source).
My role was co-narrative designer.

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Planet City (2018)

“Build your own planet city and make it evolve through decades of scientific innovations. Develop your own strategy and create a perfectly well-balanced environment!”

Planet city was developed for a game jam about the water-energy-food nexus and climate change. ​  It won 2nd place at Abertay Serious Game Jam 5 (source). My role was co-designer.