Quest Giver dialogue – MMORPG


The windows are caulked, with a leprous and thick material, and the flimsy door is kept shut. A halogen dangling above the desk is providing the only source of light. The desk is covered with papers. The dust has settled on the empty displays. Marks left by the goods are still noticeable. A young woman comes toward the player while he or she enters the shop. She is all skin and bones, her long but sparse hair is pulling back her forehead’s skin, highlighting her skull in a scarcely way.  


You got my message. One condition. Help me, and I’ll make this happen.  

A small kid suddenly pops their face between the bowed legs of Kelly, grabbing each side of her knees with tiny hands covered by black gloves.


I could keep the info for myself. Or sell it for way more. But… Aoutch, Jordy!

The toddler tries to bite a leg with their gums, again. The kid is now sideways and exposes to the camera a cheek covered by a line of orange scales that could appear at first sight like a bad flaky rash.

KELLY BAI  – panting when bending to pick up the small creature  

I’m not even asking that for me. I don’t care about the side effects anymore. The pregnancy turned me into a wreck way before those pills.

Jordy coughs, coughs, coughs. Her mother rubs their back, and the kid belches a small cloud of smoke.  


Here the terms again: I need a Baku tusk for tomorrow, 4 AM. I know you have contacts, you look like one of those pirates. And it’s mine in exchange for yours. I don’t care about how tedious it will be. You want to pretend to be human, right? And I want the same for my léi lei, without the funny part where your immune system gets weaker and weaker.

Kelly laughs nervously. The small creature is wiggling. Their long spiky tail is tenderly tickling her cheek.

And no! Don’t ask. I can’t find anything at Ko Shing anymore.

She pauses for a moment and presses her eyes with her fingers.

I’m sorry. You didn’t even ask. But everyone asks when I’m talking about remedies… Not this one, though… More legal one. But Ko Shing now, it’s just a bunch of vultures trying to sell off fake disenchanters. Don’t go there. Don’t go there. I’ve never seen people as useless before, they don’t even have anything to counteract the side effects. But the tusk would make the job. Will you?

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